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Best Deals for Beauty Services in Delhi NCR by Savingo

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On 7 Dec, 2015

We wouldn't deny the chances of you browsing this while waiting for your turn at a beauty parlour /salon, amidst the buzzing and coursing of driers and some static stereo sound.

And maybe you don't find the perfect appointment or the mood just isn't right that day. You'd rather listen to the music of your choice while you wait and pick your favourite hairdresser. Waiting can be really exhausting. Especially when you have so many errands and daily chores to run! Everyone's on a clock and nobody has the option of whiling away time.

If you don't book it, you lose it! And on weekends, it's worse; as if the entire universe has conspired to conquer the best deals for beauty services when you decided to visit. Relatable, Anyone?

Well the wait is now over. ItsPossible Marketing Limited is proud to announce its Android App –'Savingo'. The best deals, discounts and pricing now available in your region, just a fingertip away. Savingo App is all about unbeatable & exclusive deals at the most sought after restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, salon, spas, tattoo services, health & fitness deals.

Thinking about getting a Manicure, or getting your Hair Straightened. Now, with Savingo you can get the Best deals for beauty services in Delhi, NCR and Gurgaon from a wide range of services ranging from Braiding, Hair Care, Nail Care to Acupuncture and Body Wrap. Now look no further for we have the one-stop solution for all your needs. Relaxation during the weekends provides a calming effect not just to the body but to the soul as well.

Achieve a state of Nirvana and ecstacy by booking at your Favourite Spa that offer a plethora of stress relieving activities ranging from Thai Massages to Hydrotherapy and Sauna Baths to Deep Body Massages. All this and more available at Savingo App


So now the people of Delhi know which restaurants to choose from when it comes to planning your family weekends or eating out with your special someone via Savingo.

Following are the Steps to get the Best Beauty Deals in Delhi NCR:

  1. Download and Install 'Savingo App' from the Play store
  2. Create an Account after installation
  3. Enter the Main Menu and Select Beauty Services
  4. Choose the convenient location and outlet
  5. Book an Appointment and Get Best Deals for beauty services in Delhi NCR!!!