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Health and Fitness Deals in Delhi NCR by Savingo App

With the Savingo App just Tap, Touch , and Book Your Favourite health and fitness deals in Delhi Ncr, Noida and Gurgaon at the tip of your palms. Apart from this great new Trendy Dances like Salsa, Samba or go for the your Perfect and Calming Yoga Classes. All of this and a lot more is now possible with the Savingo App.

On 09 May, 2016

Enjoy Tattoo Services by Online Booking

Undoubtedly, usage of Savingo has helped with building the perfect environment for students and working professionals and has enabled them to make a better environment so that new and exciting activities can be fulfilled in the hectic and time bound lives that we lead.

On 19 April, 2016

Remarkable Features of Savingo

Savingo App is all about unbeatable & exclusive deals at the most sought after restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, salon, spas, tattoo services, health & fitness deals at your finger tips. All of these deals are available just with the availability of the same from the Android Based Google Play Store.

On 09 March, 2016

Book a Table in Restaurant Online

Universally, every country has the culture of table booking in restaurants. Even the South East Asian neighbourhood, especially Singapore and Hong Kong, enjoys the culture of reserving a table before dining out. It is a matter of time before India follows. There is a growing demand to book a table in restaurant online across a wide range of Young Indian Diaspora. More and more of the educated youth in Urban and heavily populated areas are becoming adventurous with their food habits. From Continental to Chinese, and from Mughlai to Mediterranean food; the array of cuisines now available in the market has now made the average Professional think about the option of eating out.

On 18 Jan, 2016
beauty services

Best Deals for Beauty Services in Delhi NCR by Savingo

Achieve a state of Nirvana and ecstacy by booking at your Favourite Spa that offer a plethora of stress relieving activities ranging from Thai Massages to Hydrotherapy and Sauna Baths to Deep Body Massages. All this and more available at Savingo App

On 7 Dec, 2015

Best Food and Beverage Deals in Delhi-NCR

At a time of ever rising food prices and hyper inflation, the demand for discount and deals has never been more needed in Urban India. There was once a time when people were happy to eat home-made food three times a day. But with a growing trend of people renting an apartment in urban Areas and no time for cooking for themselves, there is only one other expensive option left – Eating Out.

On 28 Nov, 2015
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