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On 19 April, 2016
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There was a time when placing any sort of mark on the body was considered to be ominous and unlucky. Yet today people are chasing new ways to be stylish and yet professional. Ink on body is meant to highlight the principles or beliefs that an individual stands for. Today's generation love to spend on these extra services which is a very upcoming trend. Be it a student, working professional or owner of a Business Firm, tattoos are gaining far reaching popularity.

In Delhi itself many tattoo parlors and tattoo inking services have popped up. And the quality and range of the same have developed according to the needs and requirements of the people. And I am sure you have also chanced upon a particular design which has been etched into your memory. But due to some financial constraints, have not been able to visit the parlor yet. Even worse yet, you are looking for that deal or coupon which will just fit into your budget for over a month!!!

Well worry not coz Savingo App is here. The all purpose Discount Hub which will ensure all your savings are increased for the month. As our belief is the more you spend the more your savings are with Savingo. Now get your favourite design painted on the most suitable part of your body and feel good about yourself.

Ranging from Butterfly tattoos to Hidden Codes, from Spider Webs to Spiritual Beliefs, everything is now possible with the Savingo App.

Undoubtedly, usage of Savingo has helped with building the perfect environment for students and working professionals and has enabled them to make a better environment so that new and exciting activities can be fulfilled in the hectic and time bound lives that we lead.

And with the easy to use app that we have built, booking an appointment has never been easier. Savingo App provides the best of both worlds. With Regular Deals provided in more than 100+ outlets available with you can book an appointment at the nearest location.

Some of the cool features of using Savingo App are:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. 3 Step Booking Process
  3. Free Deals Available on Referrals and App Installation
  4. Specialized Exclusive Deals for Members Only
  5. Location Wise Outlets