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Frequently Asked Questions

About App:

1. What is Savingo App?

Savingo App is all about unbeatable & exclusive deals at the most sought after restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, salon, spas, tattoo services, entertainment, gym & fitness deals at your finger tips. You can book any of these deals through “Savingo” app.

2. Do I need to pay to use any of the deals through this App?

You don’t need to pay us to use any of the deals through this App. Simply, choose your deal and book that deal online absolutely free of cost. So, enjoy your discounted deal with Savingo App.

3. Is my personal information sold with third party?

We maintain very high levels of privacy in our systems. Your personal information is secure with us, and will not be sold to any third party without your explicit permission.

4. Will you keep sending me offers and advertisements even if I don’t want them?

No, at Savingo, we value your privacy a lot. You can always call us and register for our internal DNC list.

Savingo Cash:

1. How can I earn Savingo Cash?

You can earn Savingo Cash on following activities:
a. On first download and installation of Savingo App.
b. Submitting feedback.
c. Uploading bill image in case of cash payment.
d. Share/ Invite your friend.
e. When a referred friend successfully book a deal referee will get Savingo Cash.

2. Where I can use my Savingo Cash?

You can use your Savingo Cash to pay your bill & claim gifts. You can redeem maximum of 5% of your Savingo Cash while paying your bill online. You can use all your Savingo Cash in “Redeem your Savingo Cash “section in one go or in multiple transactions.

3. How many times you can use your Savingo Cash?

You can use it as many times you wish to.

4. I have submitted Feedback/Booking Feedback or uploaded Bill in case of cash payment, but Savingo Cash doesn’t credit in my account?

In case of Feedback/Booking Feedback & bill upload it takes 24 hours to credit Savingo Cash. You can always contact for any query.

My Account:

1. Can I update my Profile details?

Yes, you can easily update your profile details; simply tap on the Top left Savingo button, click on “My Account” tab & then click on Update Profile.

2. Already created account but forgets the password?

Go to Login page enter your registered email id & click forget password. Your password will be resent to your registered email id.

3. I want to change the password?

In My Account section, click settings, select change password option, enter old, new, confirm password & then click reset button.


1. How to book an appointment through this app?

Step 1: Select your choice of category. Example; Food & Drink.
Step 2: Select your choice of merchant.
Step 3: Click “Book a table”; fill in your information & submit. You are done.

2. Can I update or modify or cancel my booking / appointment request?

Yes, you can easily modify or cancel your booking request; simply tap on the Top Left Savingo button and click “My Bookings”. In “My Bookings” ,you can easily view, modify or cancel your booking request.

Savingo Reward Catalog:

1. What is Savingo Reward Catalog?

Tap on the Top left Savingo button, click on Savingo Cash & click on “Redeem your Savingo Cash”. You can select any product of your choice from the Reward Catalog section & redeem your Savingo Cash.

2. How much Savingo Cash I can utilize to redeem any gift from the reward catalog?

You can use your complete Savingo Cash to redeem any product from the reward catalog.

3. Can I return/cancel my order against Savingo Cash redemption?

No, you cannot return/cancel your order.

4. I have ordered the product from the reward catalog section where can I check the status of my order?

Tap on Top Left Savingo button, click on Savingo Cash, then click on “Redeem your Savingo Cash” & go to Already Redeemed section. In the Already redeemed section you can check your ordered product status. Or you can check your registered email id for order product alerts.

Payment Option:

1. What are the payment methods available?

There are two options
1. Online Payment: Pay your bill online through Savingo App and get extra benefits and cash back.
2. Cash Payment: You can also pay cash to the merchant. Upload your invoice in Savingo App and earn cash back on your next booking with us.


1. How to become merchant Partner with Savingo?

You can call us at +91 9910 127 127 or email us at

2. I am an existing merchant partner & want to contact you?

You can call us at +91 9910 127 127 or email us at


1. How can I contact Savingo?

You can email us at or you can call us at +91 9910 127 127 between 10 AM to 6 PM except Sunday & Public Holidays

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