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Best Food and Beverage Deals in Delhi-NCR

Save Money while Eating Out

On 28 Nov, 2015

At a time of ever rising food prices and hyper inflation, the demand for discount and deals has never been more needed in Urban India. There was once a time when people were happy to eat home-made food three times a day. But with a growing trend of people renting an apartment in urban Areas and no time for cooking for themselves, there is only one other expensive option left – Eating Out.

One might argue that there are plenty of eateries which provide good quality food at reasonable rates. But issues regarding security and cleanliness always play a dampening factor in the mood of the so-called millenials.

Then comes the issue of corporate houses providing incentive to their employees and the rising cost for the company. Today, companies are looking for an affordable way to incentivize their most favoured employees. And Employee Satisfaction today has become a measuring stick for a Company's Growth in today's volatile market.

With the sudden boom in the incentive industry, a lot of players have cropped up providing discounts on food and beverage deals in Delhi-NCR vicinity. Companies like Food Panda and Tiny Owl have stepped up to become major stakeholders in the market. They have been established themselves as a great service provider with great customer reviews.

However, they are relatively new entrants into the hospitality sector. ItsPossible Marketing was set up during the last year of the last decade, and has weathered the highs and lows of the sector. And now with the dominant success of the ItsPossible Privilege Card, we are proud to announce our entry into the Mobile App Sector of the hospitality industry.

"Savingo" App is the game-changer, you have all been waiting for. The Hub where you will get the Best Food and Beverage Deals across India is now available just a fingertip away. Hungry for Indian, in the Mood for something Oriental, or just want to book a perfect evening for your special someone; well look no further. Pick up your Android Operated device, and open the 'Savingo' App. And a host of great deals on food and beverages is just a click away. Make the most of our top notch deals and discounts encompassing the Delhi-NCR area from the best reviewed restaurants and Eateries


So now the people of Delhi know which restaurants to choose from when it comes to planning your family weekends or eating out with your special someone via Savingo.