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On 09 March, 2016

Sick and tired of waiting in the queue? Feeling uncomfortable of standing in the spine tingling cold or unbearable heat? Want to have that perfect date with your special someone and want it to go without any hassles. Well, worry no more

With the advent of App-Based Business and from the foundations of Restaurant Makers across the country comes the One-Stop Solution to all your Booking needs.

Savingo App is all about unbeatable & exclusive deals at the most sought after restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, salon, spas, tattoo services, health & fitness deals at your finger tips. All of these deals are available just with the availability of the same from the Android Based Google Play Store.

There are loads of Advantages which can be utilized after downloading for Merchants as well as Die-Hard Foodies and Fitness Freaks:

For Customers:

  1. Easy-to Use: With the Savingo App you can be rest assured to book your table at your favourite restaurant or book an appointment at that trendy spa everyone in your circle has been talking about.
  2. Free-to-Use: Now with the advent of mobile based technology, the access to booking tables and appointments is completely free
  3. No Hidden Costs: There are no hidden costs for downloading or booking for the Saviongo-App
  4. Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Get great Deals and discounts exclusively only with Savingo-App with tie-ups with over 2500+ outlets across Delhi-NCR
  5. Tie-Ups with Fitness Centers, Restaurants and other Deals: Savingo is a complete App-Based Platform to save up on your wallet for the month

For Merchants:

  1. Increase Revenue by Improving Booking Rates: By taking online table reservations through your restaurant's website 24/7 you should increase the number of bookings that you receive
  2. Enhance Staff Efficiency: Reduce the amount of time that staff spend on the telephone by taking bookings automatically online
  3. Manage Reservations with an Electronic Diary: Use your computer to manage your table reservations from all sources. Online reservations will be automatically added to the diary
  4. Increase Customer Satisfaction: Give every customer the option to book online at his or her own convenience, 24 hours-a-day
  5. Display Customers' Special Requirements: Your staff can quickly and easily view your diary to see any dietary restrictions or other special requirements for a party
  6. Compile List of Customer Email Contacts: Generate repeat bookings by promoting your restaurant with a regular opt-in electronic newsletter. For example, use it to advertise special offers during quite periods